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Published titles

These are my published games to date. Click each image to find out more about them.

The Idiot's Delight
Spike, Pixel Bat


Sinkmarine is a classic arcade game in which the objective is to sink as many enemy subs as possible before their torpedos blow you to pieces.

The Idiot's delight

Timeless solitaire also known as Ace’s Up. Game also has Klondike and some customization options.

Spike, pixel bat

A Flappy Bird like game starring the sweetest little bat. 

Endless and random caves will challenge your timing and skills, be better than your friends and the world and become number one on the leaderboard! Uses Google Play Games Services.

Or take on the new campaign mode with 27 tricky levels!


game dev is my hobby

I started learning Unity and C# about a year ago now. I have always loved games and in my younger years I tried making a game similar to the Sink Sub I did now. Back then my computer was an Amiga 1200 and the language was AMOS, similar to Basic. 

I stumbled on the Unity Engine when looking for online courses about Java and the thrill of making games got me into it. For me a good way to learn is to try my skills with a project and step by step improve and figure things out.

It’s great to make games and I appreciate you taking the time to check this page out!

Much love,